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Fences, Sheds and Concrete Posts for York

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Fence repair in York by York Fencing

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Happy customers
Customers who found the right fencing company
Customers who saved money
removing an old fence panel

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Wire mesh fencing has a wide variety of advantages and it is the ideal choice for locations that need a medium to high-level security.

Quality and Convenince

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Find Fencing Services near York If you're trying to find a regional fencing organization, usage Prime Fencing.

Closeboard gate and fence with trellis, installation by York Fencing

Wooden Canopies

A variety of garden canopies for sale, suitable for giving shade in your garden. Guard your bikes, garden equipment or garden furniture from the weather with our garden canopies

removing an old fence panel

Gate Installation

Initially, make certain the post is strong enough to withhold the weight of eviction. If the post shows rot, change it. Then, fit the hinges to eviction. Place depend upon, mark for holes, eliminate the hinge, drill pilot holes (3mm drill bit) then attach hinge with screws

Fence repair in York by York Fencing

Fence Installation

Our slotted fence posts are designed to work with all of our fencing panels from palisade to featherboard, and even our premier trellis panels

Wooden fence repair

Wooden Stairs

New or existing, straight or spiral, traditional or contemporary ... Renovating your stairs with laminate planks is simple and budget-friendly. Profiles enable you to finish your stairs according to your own taste. Fancy yourself a bit of a handyman? Laminate planks can be laid in just one day, with a minimal quantity of dust

York fencing specialist

Fence Lighting

Ideal for mounting on fence posts, walls or near outdoor steps, these deluxe solar lights supply approximately eight hours of usage. Made from durable weather-resistant products, each light has a classical style with square white windows

York Fencing's Moon Gate in a garden in York

Repair Of Fences

The part of a wood fence post most likely to rot is the area buried underground. If not enhanced in time, it will eventually collapse and pull down the fence. If the fence post is becoming loose and the fence is moving, a concrete repair work spur can be utilized to support the wood post

removing an old fence panel
Closeboard gate and fence with trellis, installation by York Fencing
Fence repair in York by York Fencing
Wooden fence repair
York Fencing's Moon Gate in a garden in York
York fencing specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put up a fence?
According to HomeAdvisor member reported data, the cost to install a fence averages £2,867, with a typical cost between £1,671 and £4,112 For the most common materials, you’ll spend anywhere from £13 to £50 per linear foot, including professional installation. Labour and materials each make up 50% of the total budget.

How much does it cost to put up a fence UK?
The average daily rate of a fence installer is around £300 to £400 per day for a 36-foot fence installation. For fencing measuring around 200-foot, you should expect to pay around £750 to £1200 in labour. Some fence installers may also charge an hourly rate anywhere between £7 to £15.18

How much does a 6-foot privacy fence cost?
cost of 6-foot privacy fence – calculate 2019 prices now a 6’foot privacy fence costs £18-£45 per linear foot on average, professionally installed with decorative post caps will run in the range of £20-30.00 each.

What is the cheapest fence to install?
The cheapest fence you can install is a wire fencing at £2 per foot on average, while a 6-foot high wood privacy fence costs £13 to £25 per linear foot and vinyl fencing for £15 to £30 per foot. Check out our fence cost estimator below for more types of fences priced per foot and per acre.

How much does fencing cost to have installed in UK 2021?
The average cost to hire a tradesperson to supply and install fencing is typically around £700 to £1000 for 8 fence panels, with the typical size being 2 metres long in the UK. This price will vary depending on the type of fencing you choose.

How much do fencers charge UK?
But typically in 2021, you should expect to pay anywhere between £100.00 to £120.00 per fence panel/post. If you are looking to have 10 fence panels installed then I would typically charge £1000.00 to £1200.00. You may think that this sounds expensive, but here is why it’s not.

How do you price a fence job?
Get clear on the scope of work. Measure the fencing area. Estimate the material cost. Estimate labour costs. Calculate your overhead costs. Tally all costs. Calculate your margins for desired profit.

How much does a wooden fence cost per Metre?
To keep things short, the price of wooden fencing will depend on the wood you’re choosing, and that can push pricing from £75 per metre up to £1,000 for one metre. For treated pine, you can expect around £300 and for typical hardwood, around £80 to

Fencing Service York

We can also provide the following services beyond fence installation:

Home and business owners in York have relied on Garden Fencing York for affordable fences for many years.

Fencing made of red cedar is practical and beautiful, helping you create aesthetically pleasing, private outdoor spaces.

We can provide you with practical yet creative tips to help you design your fence if you need advice or assistance.

In addition to its many benefits, wire mesh fencing is an ideal choice for locations that require medium to high levels of security.

For added privacy and security, security fences are the perfect choice. Keep the outside world just that; outside with security fences.

Cold roll-formed steel sections are used to manufacture steel palisade fencing, which is widely used in the United Kingdom. Steel palisade fencing provides a formidable barrier because of its solid construction.

The e-finish coating on wrought iron fencing will prevent corrosion and preserve it for a long time.

In addition to providing an attractive appearance, wood gates protect gardens from pests and provide privacy.

Our fence installers are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, doing both an excellent job and providing highly attentive customer service along with our large selection.

Our team is available to discuss your fence needs and help you find the best solution.

In addition, your installation will be scheduled as soon as possible and according to your convenience, if needed.

The most important factor when choosing a fence company to choose is to choose one that offers free consultations on-site along with the highest quality of work.

Our company will handle the shopping, installation, and maintenance of your new fence, ensuring that you will be satisfied.

Customer feedback

“Excellent job in tough conditions. They really had to think hard about this one, very happy with the outcome.”

“Work was completed as agreed, on time, and at a reasonable price. Good materials were used. It was nice to deal with someone who was reliable and professional.”

Garden Fencing York has been providing affordable fencing to York’s home and business owners for many years.

Your outdoor spaces can be turned into aesthetically pleasing, private retreats by using red cedar fencing.

In addition to providing you with creative yet practical advice, we can also offer you tips on designing fences.

Fencing fabricated out of wire mesh offers many advantages and is a good choice for privacy, security, and safety.

Choosing a security fence will provide you with increased privacy and security; allowing you to keep the outside world at bay.

Cold roll-formed steel sections provide strong support for the steel palisade fencing commonly used in the United Kingdom.

If your fence is finished in an e-finish, it will resist corrosion for many years and require little maintenance.

In addition to providing an attractive appearance, wood gates protect gardens from pests and provide privacy.

Our fence installers are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, doing both an excellent job and providing highly attentive customer service along with our large selection.

Our team is available to discuss your fence needs and help you find the best solution.

We’ll also schedule your installation as quickly and at a convenient time as possible, should you require one.

The most important factor when choosing a fence company to choose is to choose one that offers free consultations on site along with the highest quality of work.

Our company will handle the shopping, installation, and maintenance of your new fence, ensuring that you will be satisfied.

According to customers:

“It must have been a tough project because it required so much thought, so I am very pleased with the results.”

“Very reliable and respectful. I was consulted whenever a decision had to be made when some other problem emerged (my garden has three levels). Great work.”

“Finished the job on time, within budget. Used good materials. I liked working with a professional.”.

Several of our Approved Installers, including Garden Fencing York, installed over 300 metres of Chilham panels to create a solution that looks great both inside and outside the fence.

Various landscaping and fencing were being added to two new builds in one particular area. The fences needed to be a solution that each of the neighbours would be happy with since the properties were built next to houses that were already established.

Maybe you could use sophisticated looking concrete fencing to create a more distinguished border with your neighbor? Why not use picket or trellis fencing to create a charming, almost whimsical look?

Maybe you simply want to fence off your vegetable garden, or perhaps you’d like to protect your children from outside intruders. We offer a wide range of fence paint colors.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we strive to provide comprehensive advice to our customers. All of our garden fences are made in the United Kingdom and we currently have access to a variety of fencing solutions. We select and help you install the right garden fence for your home, as well as helping you find a contractor to complete the job.

Whether it’s helping you design a tranquil outdoor haven or providing you with practical yet creative tips, the Garden Fencing team is happy to provide you with 25 years of knowledge and experience.

You do not want to hire a handyman or company who lacks skill or reputation, and there is no reason to do so. Our fencing is of a high quality, our prices are affordable, and we offer stellar service. We are committed to providing excellent customer service at Garden Fencing York so that you will be completely satisfied with the outcome. To receive straightforward, educated advice and a free estimate, get in touch with us today.

In general, I do not leave reviews, but this company’s service has exceeded my expectations, so I feel it is only fair to do so. Besides the friendly staff and excellent materials and workmanship, the work is of excellent quality. The gate I wanted fitted was made for me despite my error in omitting to order it, and it was installed in a couple of hours. I’m blown away!

Excellent service with quick turnaround times. Communications that are effective. Price that is fair. The workmanship is exceptional. Friendly staff that welcomes dogs and children!

Long-time fencing contractor who offers straightforward value for customers while offering a friendly service and a professional team which takes pride in their work. The new gate is very well constructed and we are very pleased with it.

Three technicians handled the job in a friendly and professional manner. The outcome was excellent.

Good price, friendly staff, excellent work. There’s something picture-perfect about my garden now. Recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.

Fencing contractor with a long history and high reputation, offering both residential and commercial services. York has been covered by them.

The company offers a comprehensive range of fencing solutions, including timber panels, trellis and picket fencing. Aside from installing metal and concrete fencing, we also install other types of fences.

Our installation team will remove any old fencing and prepare the area once we have achieved an agreement and set a schedule. Once your fence has been designed, we can start building it.

Our team will remove any waste materials from the site after completion, and we will leave your garden neat and tidy. Only after you have been completely satisfied will you make payment. Once you have our receipt, you can immediately take advantage of our five-year, peace-of-mind  guarantee.

“The fence looks great. Thanks for doing such a nice job. All those old bits of concrete were broken up by your crew in no time at all! I was surprised by how much work I had to do that day, but I did it with good humor. I’m impressed.”

Types of Fence Material York

Wooden Fence Panels: wooden fences have been used since the beginning of the history of mankind. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also very durable. They are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. The fence panels are great for various properties, including residential, corporate, and commercial spaces.

Timber Fence Panels: these are some of the most popular fence panels available. They are great for both residential and commercial properties. They are also straightforward to install and can be installed by a single person in very little time.

Metal Fence Panels: metal fences have become a popular choice for many homeowners. They are highly durable and are available in a large selection of styles. They are perfect for both residential and commercial properties.

Fence Installation York

In your area, you will need to check with the council about all the laws and regulations. If you are going to build a fence that is less than two metres in height, you won’t need planning permission. As well as that, if you’re planning on installing trellises above the fence, then they shouldn’t go beyond 2 meters.

There is no installation fee on any of our projects. You will receive a written quote with the final price of the job once you have had a site visit and consultation with our experts about the type of panels you want and how long you need your fence to be.

There are two ways to increase the durability of wood: staining and painting. In addition, they will help protect the natural oils of the wood from the harsh conditions of the weather, such as heavy rain, freezing temperatures, or intense sunlight.

In addition to offering a wide selection of fences, our fencing installers are dedicated to exceeding the client’s expectations in terms of both the quality of the installation and the level of customer service. Whether you’re thinking of getting a new fence for your home or planning to replace your existing fence, our office is here to guide you to the best solution. Likewise, we will also coordinate your installation, if you ask for it, as timely as possible so that you are able to schedule your installation at your convenience.

Whenever selecting a fence company, it is vital that you choose a company that offers a free site visit consultation and the highest standard of service as a result. You can be assured that if you decide to have us assist you with the selection and installation of a new fence, you will be able to achieve 100% satisfaction with your decision.

A fence can also be an aesthetic touch or complement to your green space and house. And of course, a fence also can make you feel safer than well. There are many kinds of fences, different for each need. Here are some things to keep in mind for those who consider a fence:

The issue of fences is one that simply cannot be explained in a few words. What if you decided to build your own? What if we told you that we would be happy to hear what you had to say?

Metal Gates are manufactured entirely in our own workshops and can be built to suit the requirements of a wide range of applications, from commercial and residential to agricultural, and to meet the requirements of special requirements.